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Highest runs scored in an over is not 36. It’s 77 In 1990, a match between Canterbury and Christchurch of Shell Trophy in New Zealand’s Wellington RH Vance gave 77 runs in a single over. Full toss, no balls and many weird deliveries were bowled by Vance. and over went like this – 0 4 4 4 6 6 4 6 1 4 1 0 6 6 6 6 6 0 0 4 0 1

#Fact 01

17.99% of the microbes that live inside humans are unknown to science.
<img src="microbes.png" alt="microbes living inside humans">
Fact 02

#Fact 02

Some Japanese traffic lights have a blue light instead of green because historically both colors were named with the same word.
<img src="traffic lights.png" alt="traffic lights turned red">
Fact 01

#Fact 03

The last words that Albert Einstein spoke are unknown because he said them in German to a nurse who didn't speak the language.

<img src="Albert Einstein.png" alt="Albert Einstein last words">
Fact 03

#Fact 04

A paper cut is more painful than a regular cut because such a wound almost never bleeds, so the nerve endings stay open to the air, which irritates them.

<img src="paper cut.png" alt="paper cut more painful than regular cut">
Fact 04

#Fact 05

Queen Elizabeth II is related to Vlad Tepes, the famous prototype for Dracula.
<img src="Queen Elizabeth.png" alt="Queen Elizabeth during a function">
Fact 05

#Fact 06

When you take a hot water bath, you burn as many calories as you would if you went for a 30-minute walk.

<img src="calories.png" alt="calories burnt during hot shower">
Fact 06

#Fact 07

When his body was exhumed in June 2017, Salvador Dali's mustache was exactly the same as on the day he died.
<img src="Salvador Dali.png" alt="Salvador Dali's with his cat">
Fact 07
#Fact 08

In order to burn just 1 calorie, you need to click a mouse button 10 million times.

<img src="calories.png" alt="10 million mouse click burns calories">
Fact 08

#Fact 09

In 1939, American composer and pianist Earl Wild gave the first concert in the world that was broadcast on live television. 58 years later, his performance was the first online concert on the internet.
<img src="Earl Wild.png" alt="Earl Wild posing for a picture">
Fact 09
#Fact 10

If you make ice cubes with tap water, they will be white, if you use boiled water, they will be transparent.
<img src="icecubes.png" alt="clear ice cubes">
Fact 10
#Fact 11

The last name Van, Lee, and Zhang are the most popular in the world. 21% of the entire population of china has them.

Fact 11
#Fact 12

Animals avoid power lines because they are scared of the ultraviolet flashes that the human eyes can't see. By the way, of all the mammals in the world, only humans and apes cant see ultraviolet rays.
<img src="power lines.png" alt="amazing view of power cables">
Fact 12

#Fact 13

You send so little electricity charging your smartphone that even if you calculated the yearly cost of it, it would be less than $1.
<img src="cellphone.png" alt="cellphone charging">
Fact 13
#Fact 14

Charles Darwin was the first person who had the idea to attach wheels to his office chair to move around more quickly.

<img src="Charles Darwin.png" alt="Charles Darwin and his ideas">
Fact 14
#Fun Fact : If there was a tunnel that would go straight through the Earth from one side to the other and you jumped in it, it would take you 42 minutes to emerge on the other side.

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