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Jeep is actually an abbreviation, originally it was called a G.P or a General Purpose vehicle.

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Chickens are more than twice as numerous as humans, in 2009 their overall number in the world was estimated to be around 18.6 Billion. r

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Purple is the least popular color when it comes to national flags, there are just 2 countries in the world they use it in there National Flag. Dominica & Nicaragua

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The domestic chicken is the closest relative of dinosaurs.

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Leaves on trees turn yellow and red come fall because they don't have enough warmth and sunlight to produce the green pigment -  Chlorophyll

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Bart Simpson should be older now than his mother was in the first season of the show, that if yellow family aged normally.

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There was a 20$ coin made in 1933 that was sold 70  years later for more than  $7 Billion, also it was never actually used as currency.

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There is a town in Honduras where every year around the same time of the year, it rains FISH. The scientist doesn't have any explanation for this Random phenomenon.

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Although there are 24 hours in a day, there are more than 24 time zones on the globe. Some of them are just 30 to 40 minutes apart their closest neighbors,

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If taken together all ants in the world will weight as much as the whole human population on the earth.

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