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India - The only country to win 60-over, 50-over and 20-over WC
India won the 60-over World Cup beating West Indies in 1983, 50-over World Cup defeating Sri Lanka in 2011 and 20 over World Cup beating Pakistan in 2007.

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Bananas have a curved shape because they reach for the sunlight when they grow.

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A cockroach can live a few weeks without its head. It will eventually die of hunger.
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The iPhone, the Harry Potter books and the Rubik's cube are the top 3 most sold products in human history.

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The Mona Lisa was in Napoleon Bonaparte's bedroom for some years.
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The Bombay phenotype is a phenomenon whereby certain elements of the blood are missing. It results in a person having a mixed-blood type. Only 0.0004% of the world's population have such blood. There is even special storage of the blood so that people who have it can have a blood transfusion if necessary. What is curious is that this unique blood type can be transfused to any person with a regular blood type.
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Besides the senses that we all know, such as smell and touch, a person also has another sense: proprioception (being aware of the position of one's body parts).
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Only 5% of the population of Brazil lives in the Rio Grande state. However, this is the place where 70% of all Brazillian models are from.
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To tell a real diamond from a fake, you need to breathe on it, a fake one will become foggy, and a genuine one will stay clear.

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Mayday is the word that is used instead of SOS in radio chat.
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The Pokemon characters Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan were named after Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.
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The Spanish word "esposas" means both "handcuffs" and "wives".
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The bluebird from the Twitter logo has a name: Larry. The creators of the social network named the bird after basketball player Larry Bird.
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#Fact 14

In the high mountains forests of Nepal, there are giant bees. The length of their bodies can be up to 1.1 inches. These bees produce special honey that can cause a person to hallucinate. The Gurungs that live in that part of the Himalayas collect such hallucinogenic honey.
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#Fact 15

When you gain or lose weight, your fat cells don't disappear, they just change their size.
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#Fun FactFacebook has more users than the population of the U.S., China, and Brazil combined. With over 2 Billion active user which is more than the population of the United States, China, and Brazil combined. Facebook's co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted about the milestone, saying, "We're making progress connecting the world, and now let's bring the world closer together."

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