Piyush Chawla bowled his first No Ball after 385 overs in IPL. Welcome to Random Fact.

* Did you know London Modern Art studio has designed a room where you can find a complete raining environment around you. however, no raindrop will fall upon you. The studio is filled with sensors that will not let you drench and this was tested with around 50 members and no one was drenched in rain and enjoyed the raining environment around them.

Wayne Messer from North Carolina a fisherman during 90's found a rare stone which was Star Ruby 377 CARAT estimated valued around 100 million, which he didn't sell. Let me know in the comments session what would you do if you had found it instead.

* Adrian Carton De Wiart fought 2 world war, he was shot on the face, head, legs, stomach, survived 2 plane crash, also been captured by the enemy and was able to escape from enemy camps. Lost his one hand during the war. While he was interviewed and asked about his experience with the war he quoted " Frankly I had enjoyed the war ". Now tell me isn't he a Bad-ass.

* GTA 5 had cost Rockstar around 265 Million USD, which is the highest to develop a game to date. Rockstar had recovered this amount in just 3 days after the release of GTA 5 and hit a record 1 Billion USD. Also, this is the highest-grossing game in the current period. Let's wait and watch will GTA 6 surpasses this record.

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