Jack Daniel (the founder of the whiskey) died from kicking a safe. When he kicked it, he broke his toe which got infected. He eventually died from blood poisoning.

Random Facts 01

The first movie ever to put out a motion-picture soundtrack was Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Random Facts 2

 The largest known primenumber has 17,425,170 digits. The new prime number is 2 multiplied by itself 57,885,161 times, minus 1

Random Facts 3

 The world’s largest grandpiano was built by a 15-year-old in New Zealand

Random Facts 4

 After the release of the 1996 film Scream, which involved an anonymous killer calling and murdering his victims, Caller ID usage tripled in the United States

Random Facts 5

The Buddha commonly depicted in statues and pictures is a different person entirely. The real Buddha was actually incredibly skinny because of self-deprivation

Random Facts 06

 Elton John tried to commit suicide once by sticking his head in an oven with the gas on low and windows open. He was found and stopped by his best friend Bernie Taupin.

Random Facts 7

 An estimated 50% of all gold ever mined on Earth came from a single plateau in South Africa: Witwatersrand.

Random Facts 8

 Apple paid a couple $1.7 million dollars for their plot of land, which was only worth $181,700

Random Facts 9

 During the Prohibition era, the U.S. Government allowed Whiskey to be sold through pharmacies. As a result, Walgreens grew from 20 retail stores to almost 400.

Random Facts 10

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